In Zandia, war is big business... and business is good. In Soldiers Inc., the year is 2019 and Zandia is the home to the most valuable mineral deposit in the world. This country is now an all-out corporate war zone. Get ready for battle in this online, military real-time strategy game. Construct a base, recruit an army and take on other players. Remember - pack plenty of ammo and trust no one.

Play Soldiers Inc. through our partner, Plarium!
  • Build your base
  • Rise from corporate pawn to rogue warlord
  • Fight NPCs, rival teams or other players
  • Play with your friends

The iconic Xenomorph and Predator aliens are now in Zandia! Until February 10th, 2016, Plarium and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation are working together to bring you an exciting new experience in Soldiers Inc. With new units, challenges, characters and 24 themed missions, this epic event will give you an adrenaline rush! Take on these famous aliens today!

Additional Details

Company Plarium
Release Date May 28, 2014

System Requirements

Internet Connection Required
Flash Version 11.0
Online Multiplayer Strategy Military


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