Silver Tale is match 3 on the move! Explore huge levels. Solve quests. Collect artifacts. Build upgrades. And more! It's up to you to collect the silver holly plants and save the King's life. If you enjoyed Runefall, you'll love Silver Tale. Download it now!

  • Huge match 3 levels to explore
  • Dozens of upgrades
  • Earn tokens
  • Craft items
  • Complete quests
  • And more!

Additional Details

Company Suricate Software
Size 341MB, about 4 minutes on broadband
Available Languages English
Release Date May 2, 2016

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Vista
Processor Pentium 4 - 1.0 GHz or better
PC Download Match 3 Rental Unlimited Play with wild Fantasy


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