In 2029, in a parallel world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, you are a mercenary who secretly accomplishes missions for corporations struggling for leadership. To succeed you will have to team-up with a partner and infiltrate corporations simultaneously in two ways:
• As the stealth Agent, moving through corporate buildings with an isometric 3D view and fast, arcade-style infiltration gameplay.
• Or as the Hacker virtually infiltrating the same level with different view—see the world through holographic blueprint vision and move through a virtual network to interact with the cameras, doors, phones or even coffee machines...

Key Features:

The whole Hacktag experience is designed to make the players feel like they are the heroes in a spy or heist movie.
Online and local multiplayer: Play separately or share the same screen.
Single player mode: Simultaneously handle the dual roles of the agent and the hacker in frantic, fast-paced gameplay.
Original asymmetrical gameplay and co-op mini-games: With the timer ticking, deactivate alarms and unlock doors or holding cells.
"Co-opetitive" gameplay: As mercenaries, your partner is also your best competitor!
Three corporations, 3 types of missions and 24 levels.
Gain experience and add unlockable skills: Choose new active or passive skills as you gain levels.
Online challenges, ranking and leaderboards.
Full character creation: Customize your anthropomorphic animal character with more than 360 unlockable items.
Unique story for each player: Experience Hacktag's story with each role getting its own unique NPCs.
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Additional Details

Company Plug In Digital
Release Date February 15, 2018
DRM Steam™

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Processor Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD equivalent
Minimum Video Card NVIDIA® GeForce® 650
Hard Drive Space 3 GB
DirectX Version 9.0c or above
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